I am shorter than you are taller than am I

the Holiday Snaps Pseudo Parents
Craig Cardiff St. Anne
The Japonize Elephants Sir Vahan of Zorlock
RadioLaundromat the Exploding Plastic Budgerigars
Franklin Bruno Linoleum
Gladrub Yet More
Thume Two Days Off In Fox Vegas
Phlegm The Gerogerigegege
Clag Fresh
the Pile I Dream Of Dave
Ganetiks Blow Up The Benches
the Motes L:cd R:om
Henry Idaho Ramble #3
Garage the Dreamer Guilt
Big Fish Eat Little Fish Word Awk
Rock Plaza Central Mad
Dave Fischoff For Those Who Fall In Love On Buses
aDvent of Derby Winston's Hired Playwright
Yellow Label Jules Verne and Me
Vote for Noah Menudo Safehouse
Up Periscope Albino Walking
Michael J. Hex The Other Side
Lousy Snazzy (01:15)
Steve Duggan Rainville
Hercules Floss
Lee Wadlinger Frozen Indie Rockers
b'ehl Swim By
Wilt Guff
Steaming Toolie Here's A Message
Supercool Scared Tinfoil Crown

c 1997 Kelp Records
30 song compilation CD
released 11/97
700 copies

Kelp Records
173 Greenfield Avenue
Ottawa, ON