all their broken hearts

MEN: She's Julie
Moon Socket: The best thing for me
David-Ivar Herman Düne (w/ Lisa): So fast
Orange Glass: Five
Maroon Loves Blue: Sorry Story
Superxxman: Sweeter
The Soft eyes: Waiting for baby
Loïc B.O.: Annoyed by you
Mark Raymond: Gone, gone
Standing waves: And there is still enough
Snailhouse: Again, again
Wio: Sorry part 1
The Radiators: Dance Music
Thee moths: Soon, coming closer
Evie: Laugh with me
Lousy: About you
Recorded in 1996, at the same session as the Sappy 7" songs
Quaisoir: All their broken hearts
André Herman Düne: Dance me
nude: Oh,these walls
Call me Loretta: Will you still love me in December?
Lackadaisical Daisy: Crumble
Neil Haverty: Seven
Tino: Condescending you
In all her sincerity: Too much
Melochrome: The last time
MEN: Julalee

c 2003 Paperheart Records
26 song compilation CD
released 06-2003
300 copies

Paperheart Records